Sunshine, nice weather, bargain prices on real estate and no state tax help Florida continue to attract the affluent from around the globe. Collier County (Naples) Florida tops with list with Tampa Bay well represented by Manatee County & Sarasota County.

Affluent continue to move to Florida

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(Rochester, N.Y./Naples, Florida) – By becoming a legal resident of Florida, Paychex founder and billionaire Tom Golisano is sending a clear message about how he feels about the taxes he pays to live in New York.

Living in Florida most of the year will save the billionaire about $5 million a year or $13,800 per day.

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“more than 1,100 people every day including Sundays and holidays moved from the nine highest income-tax states such as California, New Jersey, New York and Ohio and relocated mostly to the nine tax-haven states with no income tax, including Florida…”

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