As the differences between a website and blog have blurred over the past year we have redesigned the Bison Financial Group website for the first time in 11 years.

Rather than maintaining a separate website and blog we have started to use the latest state of the art WordPress 3.0 architecture with complete integration of our blog, social media content and traditional “static, brochure-like” web pages. The new design will allow us to better communicate with our clients, lenders and friends in the industry.

The guiding philosophy and theme of our website is connecting people, opportunities and capital. Please join us there as we will no longer be updating this site. The author of this blog, David Repka, has also created a personal website to discuss non-business and non-commercial real estate topics. Hope you can join me there as well. Thanks for your support.


Bison Tales blog moderator David Repka of Bison Financial Group in St. Petersburg, FL was selected by real estate master marketer Cody Sperber as one of the “Top 75 Real Estate People to Connect with on LinkedIn”.

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By David Repka

I attended an Urban Land Institute (ULI) conference a few weeks back. During the coffee and continental breakfast I overheard someone being asked, “How’s business?”. Their reply, “I’m surviving… but survival is the new good”, got me thinking about Charles Darwin.

The key to understanding the parallels between Darwin and the crisis facing the commercial real estate industry is not in the “survival of the fittest” or “King of the Mountain” sense, but in understanding Darwin’s concept of adaptation. Adaptation is defined as “a combination of successive, small, random changes in traits, and natural selection of the variants best-suited for their environment.”

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