May 2009

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98% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America…

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The government hopes to restore lending via cheap financing. Skeptics say programs aimed at restarting the market haven’t worked yet.

By Colin Barr, senior writer
May 28, 2009: 3:48 AM ET

NEW YORK (Fortune) — Bailout watchdogs have something new to growl about: the lack of financing in the commercial real estate markets.

Elizabeth Warren’s Congressional Oversight Panel is scheduled to hold a hearing Thursday morning on the effectiveness of federal plans to restart the markets for commercial and industrial loans.

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Texas, North Carolina, Florida Top List as Best States; California, New York, Michigan Are the Worst

As the nation’s unemployment figures continue to reach new heights, Chief Executive magazine’s 2009 “Best & Worst States” survey took CEO’s pulse on what the best and worst places for jobs and business growth are. For the fourth year in a row, CEOs rated Texas as the #1 state to do business and California as the worst.

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